Jean Marie Ivey moved to Maine in 1966 to live and raise her family in and near Acadia National Park.  She pursued a part-time career in photography, freelance writing, and illustrating, coauthoring the book Maine Paradise with Russell D. Butcher, published by Viking Press in 1972.  She also published, cowrote and co-illustrated Facts and Fancy: Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island in 1993.  That publication will soon be rereleased in a new and revised addition.  In the early eighties, Jean Marie began a thirty-three-year career at the Jackson laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Although she loves to write, paint, sing, and garden, her greatest love is her family: seven children, fourteen grandchildren, and two great-grandsons.  She recently published her first novel “Cassie’s Dream” that grew out of that love.  Although the characters are fictional, many of the experiences expressed in the story were real. It is an enthralling voyage through time and location as explored through the dreams and visions of the main Character, Cassandra Wright.   Jean Marie’s life has been full of mysticism, influence of ancestry, history, and a deep and abiding love of Maine

An exciting time for me




 This is a very exciting time for me.  I waited all  my life to write stories, some about my family and me and some stories that I just needed to tell.




Maine Paradise  

      In 1972, I co-authored "Maine Paridise", with Russell Butcher.  The book was published by Viking Press and contained many of my photographs and pen and ink illustrations.  As a matter of fact, it was my photographs of Acadia National Park that sold the book idea to Viking Press, initially. It had several successful printings and then Viking Press merged with Penquin Books.  At that time, the final printing was lost in the merger transition and it was many years before the books were located. Those books were remaindered and it has been considered out of print since then. Occasionally copies of "Maine Paradise" can still be found on


Facts and Fancy


Mount Desert Island

        Because of my great love for Acadia and Mount Desert Island, in 1994 I self published a book called "Facts and Fancy, Acadia and Mount Desert Island".  My daughter, Alice French and I illustrated it and another daughter Donna Marie Lee did the research and writing. It was a family venture. I was the copy editor and publisher. The book was very successful and the first printing was completely sold out. However, after the second printing, I suffered a flood in my home and the copies were lost. Since I needed to replace my house, I never had the means to reprint until now, twenty three years later. I am happy to say that a new and completely revised addition of Facts and Fancy, will soon be published by Page Publishing, it is in the editing process currently, and will soon be available again.


New and Revised Addition is Now Available


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